Staying Home! – Increased snacking? How to keep it smart!


These are indeed unprecedented times; the pandemic has turned many lives and lifestyles upside down and given it a shake for good measure. Kids off school all day, every day. Working from home, the constant opening and shutting of cupboard and fridge doors to the never-ending ‘I’m hungry’ from perplexed and frustrated children (and grownups).

It is no surprise that the pandemic has led to a rise in snacking and normal rules seemed initially not to apply. Two weeks in however and we know that we need to make smarter choices.

Knowing and being able to do something about it are two different things:

Panic buying and disruptions have made it harder to gain access to regular food shopping channels and we are as a nation of snackers having to be more creative and open to trying new things. Building up cupboard staples of healthier snacks to steer kids away from traditional snacks that are high in fat and with no nutritional content is always a good idea but giving them snacks that are high in plant based protein and fibre not only keeps them fuller for longer but is great for their gut health too. #PLANTPOWER

Green plants


Nothing is more important than staying safe at this time, and luckily many businesses have been able to close doors and offer a delivered to your doorstep service, reducing contact and risk to everyone whilst still maintaining regular shopping habits. Get creative, look locally or nationally for your favourite brands to see if they will deliver to you. It helps smaller businesses especially at this time and it's important we all do our bit to sustain local businesses.

Nudie Snacks Vegan Box

Nudie Snacks are here to help. We have an awesome Better 4U Plant based snack range delivered (free delivery to mainland UK) to your doorstep to keep cupboards full, and hungry kids (and adults) satisfied. Just click this link to be taken to our online shop for #SMARTSNACKING.

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