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When snack cravings attack think about what you are reaching for in your cupboard, bag or vending machine. As most people snack between 3 and 5 times a day, more thought is being given into what we are putting in our bodies. 

Thats why we create a range of awesome pulse snacks? 

 Why pulses are so important?


Pulses - the edible seeds of legume plants, such as lentils, chickpeas and Bambara beans - contain substantial amounts of micronutrients, dietary fibre and minerals, and are a fantastic source of plant protein.

Pulses are also known for their ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen, catalyzing the creation of high-quality organic matter in soils and facilitate water retention. These characteristics help farmers reduce their use of fertilizers and energy in arable agricultural systems, which also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


 So important in fact that on February 10th every year we celebrate ‘World Pulse Day’.

Nudie Snacks roasted pulses range of products

‘Nudie snacks ‘Roasted pulse range: Chilli & lime chickpeas’, ‘Salt & Pepper Lentils’, ‘Sour Cream and Chive broadbeans’, ‘Bbq Split Peas’

Every one of our products is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and those on gluten free and paleo diets. Our superfood pulses are natures best sources of plant based proteins. We don't use all the preservatives that you get in all the mainstream snacks. We are Nudie by name and Nudie by nature. Natural ingredients with natural flavourings.

At Nudie Snacks we are all about #Smartsnacking and #PoweredbyPlants giving you smarter choices for all your snacking needs.

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