We know you love snacking, why else would you be on this site right? But how did Nudie Snacks get here? For us, it was all about giving you, our lovely customers, a better option.

We want to give you snacks that are far from your average. Nobody likes boring and the norm so we took the exotic coconut from Thailand, chopped it up and then mashed it with big, bold flavours. We then dressed it up in fancy gear and put in on the shelves. A simple tale, really. Our new range of roasted pulse snacks celebrate the nutritional goodness of natures best source of plant based protein, packed with antioxidants, fibre, and vitamins whist packing enormous flavour.

And don’t worry, the snacks are all suitable for our vegan and vegetarian friends, and those who are on gluten free and paleo diets. This isn’t an exclusive nightclub, we want everyone to enjoy the party.